Cyclone Center in Major Scientific Newsletter

Typhoon Nida (2009), enhanced with the Cyclone Center color scale

Today, Cyclone Center is featured in EOS, the premier international newspaper for the Earth and space sciences.  Over 61,000 members of the American Geophysical Union and other professional organizations read EOS weekly for articles that provide extended descriptions of interesting science research projects and findings.

The article describes the scientific rationale behind Cyclone Center – to improve the tropical cyclone intensity record – and how this is being accomplished through the use of citizen scientists.  More details are provided on the methodology behind the classification scheme, the satellite imagery, and the color scale in the images – you may have seen these topics in other Cyclone Center blog entries.

With the increased exposure of the Cyclone Center project in EOS, we expect that more people will join the hundreds of you who have already been hard at work classifying over 45,000  tropical cyclone images.   Over the coming months you can expect to begin to see the fruits of your labor with the first sets of results and published scientific articles.

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