When Tropical Cyclones Die

Davina (1999)

Davina (1999)

All tropical cyclones die.  Sometimes they move over land, sometimes they move over cold water, and sometimes the atmosphere becomes too fierce and rips the storms apart vertically.  In this interesting image, highlighted by one of our Cyclone Center collaborators,  Tropical Cyclone Davina (1999) appears to have suffered from a combination of these factors.  Once a powerful 120 kt. storm, she is now just a pathetic shell of her former self, a swirl of low-level clouds with weak thunderstorms ripped away to her southeast.

Our classifier wasn’t sure how to categorize this storm – what do you think?  To learn more, go to Cyclone Center.

– Chris Hennon is part of the Cyclone Center Science Team and Associate Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Asheville

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