CycloneCenter Participation for October through December 2014

Happy New Year! Well, 2014 ended with a bang for December ended up being our busiest month since

June 2014. It has been a while (October) since we updated the participation information and a lot has happened.

October was highlighted by the appearance of user ‘Stephen Morley‘ who hopefully wasn’t a flash in the pan, having classified 4665 storm images! He did more in October than all our classifications in November! In fact, he set a new record for most classifications in one month! If you’re out there Stephen, please come back!

November was a quiet month with lower than average participation.

December was particularly busy due to a guest post for Jeff Masters over on Weather Underground (thanks, Jim). We also had our most new users in December (578) since June as well. We also welcome volunteerguy to the top 10 board!

For October 2014, we had 10,048 classifications of 566 storms from 413 citizen scientists.

For November 2014, we had 4529 classifications of 510 storms from 363 citizen scientists.

For December 2014, we had 12,970 classifications of 809 storms from 611 citizen scientists.

Thank you to all for making a great success!!

Top 10 most active citizen scientists for December 2014.

Classifications Scientist
1163 peterthorne
824 tdw1203
758 skl6284
463 cch001
384 astroboyOW
208 HDuine
156 WillowSkye
149 heymicha
135 Struck
122 shocko61

The Bretarn Board: Most active citizen scientists overall.

Classifications Scientist
24,524 bretarn
24,453 baha23
11,437 shocko61
10,390 peterthorne
6444 skl6284
6217 cch001
5477 astroboyOW
4719 Stephen Morley
4687 tdw1203
4034 chrisotahal
3243 velthove
3172 tpatch
2464 mcrisalli1

Baja Award: Most active citizen scientists each month.

Month Number User
Sep 2012 658 atomic7732
Oct 2012 3667 chrisotahal
Nov 2012 3276 bretarn
Dec 2012 2747 bretarn
Jan 2013 2555 shocko61
Feb 2013 1714 shocko61
Mar 2013 1998 bretarn
Apr 2013 1474 ATMS103LGB
May 2013 1451 astroboyOW
Jun 2013 1084 bretarn
Jul 2013 976 Geeklette
Aug 2013 1051 skl6284
Sep 2013 431 tdw1203
Oct 2013 2733 baha23
Nov 2013 3737 baha23
Dec 2013 500 Atms345_ssc
Jan 2014 3064 baha23
Feb 2014 3455 baha23
Mar 2014 4610 baha23
Apr 2014 611 peterthorne
May 2014 303 bretarn
Jun 2014 959 mcrisalli1
Jul 2014 1214 mcrisalli1
Aug 2014 1008 peterthorne
Sep 2014 1163 peterthorne
Oct 2014 4665 Stephen Morley
Nov 2014 933 peterthorne
Dec 2014 942 volunteerguy


Keep coming back to site to help make 2015 our best year! Also, stay tuned as we should reach 400k classifications soon!

About K Knapp

I am a meteorologist at NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, NC. My research interests include using satellite data to observe hurricanes, clouds, and other climate variables. *******Disclaimer******* The opinions expressed in these blogs are mine only. They do not necessarily reflect the official views or policies of NOAA, Department of Commerce, or the US Government.

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