One of the Best Months (so far) for CycloneCenter

What a month June 2015 has been so far! We have hit 18,696 classifications through June 21st and that puts the month as the 4th most productive month!

The following are our top 6 months so far in our 34 short months of existence.

  1. 52,135 – October 2012 – First full month of classifications
  2. 40,909 – September 2012 – Launch on Sept. 21st so we hit 40k in less than 10 days!
  3. 27,419 – December 2012 – Cyclonecenter on many blogs, at the AGU Science meeting, and more promotion from the Zooniverse group.
  4. 18,696 (and counting) June 2015 – Start of North Atlantic Hurricane Season and CycloneCenter on the cover of BAMS.
  5. 17,951 – March 2013 – Presentation at another national science conference. Our story picked up by international media.
  6. 17,616 – June 2014 –  Start of North Atlantic Hurricane Season and launch of modified CycloneCenter site.

These 6 months (18% of our time) account for 30% of our classifications.

So with 10 days left in June, let’s see how close we can get to that 3rd spot. Go classify more storms at


About K Knapp

I am a meteorologist at NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, NC. My research interests include using satellite data to observe hurricanes, clouds, and other climate variables. *******Disclaimer******* The opinions expressed in these blogs are mine only. They do not necessarily reflect the official views or policies of NOAA, Department of Commerce, or the US Government.

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