How do I get started on CycloneCenter?

Images on CycloneCenter may seem overwhelming at first. To help you out, we have tutorials, an overview of the imagery,and plenty of descriptive help with each question when classifying (just scroll down when making a classification).

Also, be sure and log into (or create an account on) This helps in so many ways. It makes sure each of your sessions is counted as you. It helps us understand you better. Each citizen scientist has different tendencies when answering questions and knowing your selections better helps us find consensus amongst the thousands of scientists already providing input. So please log in.

But when it comes to the questions, however, I tend to like flowcharts and while I was answering a question on the talk forum a while back, I came up with a decision tree that might help you out.

DecisionTree-LndscpeWarning: This won’t cover every situation. It is geared toward more standard images and is a broad generalization that covers most (but not all) cases. There are some strange and difficult images out there. If you find one, then post a question on the talk pages (Select “Discuss this image” after you’ve made you classification).

So this is a landscape mode of the decision tree. I added images from the talk board to help identify differences between Yes/No for each question.

The landscape version was pretty cluttered, so I changed it to Portrait and re-arranged. Perhaps it is clearer.


Anyway, I hope this helps you out. Also, if you have modifications, or suggestions, then please leave a comment.

About K Knapp

I am a meteorologist at NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, NC. My research interests include using satellite data to observe hurricanes, clouds, and other climate variables. *******Disclaimer******* The opinions expressed in these blogs are mine only. They do not necessarily reflect the official views or policies of NOAA, Department of Commerce, or the US Government.

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