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TCOTD – Hurricane Ramon – Oct. 10

October 10
1987 RAMON 120 knots in the Eastern Pacific

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TCOTD – Hurricane Iris – Oct. 9

October 9
2001 IRIS 125 knots in the North Atlantic
The most destructive hurricane in Belize since 1961.

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TCOTD – Typhoon Wynne – Oct. 8

October 8
1980 WYNNE 126 knots in the Western North Pacific

HURSAT imagery has less availability the further back one goes. So the best image I have is this curved band images while Typhoon Wynne was still a pretty weak system. It was, however, one of the most intense systems of the year!

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Classification Numbers for September 2015

September¬†2015 is done … and so is Summer in Asheville! Citizen scientists made 8027¬†classifications.¬† Read More…

TCOTD – Typhoon Ma-on – Oct. 7

October 7
2004 MA-ON 130 knots in the Western North Pacific

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TCOTD – Typhoon Mac – Oct. 6

October 6
1982 MAC 130 knots in the Western North Pacific

Little did the world know in 1982 that the Apple empire (could we call it ‘Typhoon Mac’) would be the electronics giant that it is today. I had an Apple IIe in 7th grade. The next Apple product I bought was an iPod, which was a slight upgrade.

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TCOTD – Typhoon Nelson – Oct. 5

October 5
1988 NELSON 140 knots in the Western North Pacific

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TCOTD – Typhoon Ed – Oct. 4

October 4
1993 ED 140 knots in the Western North Pacific


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TCOTD – Typhoon Melor – Oct. 3

October 3
2009 MELOR 130 knots in the Western North Pacific

One of the most intense systems for 2009. In the top 10% for each category listed below!

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TCOTD – Hurricane Lili – Oct. 2

October 2
2002 LILI 125 knots in the North Atlantic
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