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Trouble in Paradise: Hawaii and Tropical Cyclones

Hawaii – a tropical paradise, full of sun, fun, palm trees, beauty, mountains, volcanoes and more.  But wait…have you ever thought about Hawaii and tropical cyclones?  Although not frequent, tropical cyclones have battered the Hawaiian Islands several times in recent memory.

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Do cyclones develop ‘off-season’ in the Atlantic?


Headquarters for the U.S. National Hurricane Center

In the Atlantic, the official dates for the hurricane season are 1 June – 30 November. This certainly doesn’t mean that cyclones only exist during this time frame, yet 97% of all cyclones that have developed have occurred during those months.  While we really won’t know exactly how many cyclones have developed out of season prior to 20th century technological advances, there is evidence of off-season storms in the Atlantic dating back to May of 1771, and more recently tropical storm Beryl in May of 2012. Most cyclones that develop out of season do not typically impact the U.S., but there have been more than handful that have, giving us pause to think what a fickle planet our Earth can be.

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CycloneCenter Participation for March 2014

March 2014 saw the most monthly classifications since March 2013!! Also, Citizen Scientist baha23 set an all time record with 4610 classifications in a month.

We reached a milestone of 300,000+ classifications on March 10th! We’ll have a highlight of the classifier who made that classification soon.

One table that doesn’t change much is the top 10 all time classifiers. But this month, we have a new citizen scientist on that list: skl6284, who moved into 9th place.  However, FrederikeLisanne could move onto the all time leaderboard with more months of 700+ classifications.

This month was very active. Calbeam had 243 classifications which would have been 4th place in January but is only 10th this month!

For March 2014, we had 15,666 classifications of 531 storms from 638 citizen scientists.

Top 10 most active citizen scientists for March 2014.

Classifications Scientist
4610 baha23
993 bretarn
984 skl6284
798 FrederikeLisanne
588 dmorsebell
362 fulikalter
348 librarianholly
337 albaminds
294 kaireky
243 Calbeam

Most active citizen scientists each month.

Month Number User
Sep 2012 658 atomic7732
Oct 2012 3667 chrisotahal
Nov 2012 3276 bretarn
Dec 2012 2747 bretarn
Jan 2013 2555 shocko61
Feb 2013 1714 shocko61
Mar 2013 1998 bretarn
Apr 2013 1474 ATMS103LGB
May 2013 1451 astroboyOW
Jun 2013 1084 bretarn
Jul 2013 976 Geeklette
Aug 2013 1051 skl6284
Sep 2013 431 tdw1203
Oct 2013 2733 baha23
Nov 2013 3737 baha23
Dec 2013 500 Atms345_ssc
Jan 2014 3064 baha23
Feb 2014 3455 baha23
Mar 2014 4610 baha23

Most active citizen scientists overall.

Classifications Scientist
22,582  bretarn
18,532  baha23
10,549  shocko61
5006  astroboyOW
3988  chrisotahal
3933  peterthorne
3470  cch001
3172  tpatch
2796 skl6284
2701 velthove


Why was this monthly update so late? We receive weekly deliveries of data on Sundays, so we had to wait until Monday April 7th to complete the summary for March. Thanks for your patience.

CycloneCenter @ the AMS Tropical Meteorology Conference

CycloneCenter Principal investigator Dr. Chris Hennon of UNC-A presented some recent results at the American Meteorological Society Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology going on this week in San Diego, CA.

Cyclone Center at AMS Tropical 2014